We develop and execute transformational content messaging strategies for world class companies, professional services firms, government entities and C-level executives leveraging the power of social media, new media, Michele_Ruiz_Strategies_Consulting_ social media treetraditional media and virtual technologies.


what we do

We help businesses succeed and achieve a higher ROI by developing, executing and training in the following areas:

  • Targeted Content Marketing for Digital Distribution – customized and quality content for a target audience designed to build brand recognition, establish credibility, and to grow your business strategically distributed through digital mediums.
  • Original Multimedia Content Creation- blogs, videos, photos, audio, micro-blogging, op-eds, articles, eBooks, downloadable white papers, visuals such as info graphics and charts, productivity applications
  • Impactful Educational Marketing – branded content that informs and educates, as well as in-person and virtual seminars, workshops, and summits
  • Social Media Marketing -  leverage the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Photo, Video, Audio and Live Webcasting platforms
  • Inbound Marketing – website and Internet strategies to ”get found” on the Internet and attract visitors naturally through search engines, social media and the blogosphere.
  • Virtual Events - live webcasting with interactive capabilities for attendees
  • Content Marketing for Live Events, Conferences, Trade Shows - content and distribution to encourage  attendance before the event, content and social media marketing to promote what is happening during the event, and content generated by the event that can be spun off into other channels after the event
  • Search Engine Marketing – tactical strategies so that content is optimized and helps a brand, company or thought leader rank higher in search engine results
  • Hispanic Marketing Online - culturally relevant content strategies to market to Hispanics and grow your business with this exploding customer demographic
  • Thought Leadership Positioning and Marketing – content strategies to position C-level executives as experts and influencers to achieve business and career objectives
  • Proactive Publicity and News Media Positioning – promotion and distribution of content by thought leaders to leverage media exposure and create opportunities for coverage by news organizations and other influencers such as bloggers
  • Partnerships and Collaborations – strategic partnerships to elevate your brand recognition, achieve thought leadership goals, and cross market
  • Reputation Management – strategies to address and mitigate negative mentions online and push them lower in search engine results with strong, positive, and visible content
  • Personal Branding – content, social media and digital strategies to create and promote a C-level executive’s personal brand
  • Public Speaking Opportunities – content strategies for thought leaders to attract and leverage existing speaking opportunities plus create opportunities
  • Media and Communications Training – coaching for video and audio content strategies, public speaking and broadcast media interviews

To sell, engage, influence and convert,  marketers need to embrace the reality that brands, companies and organizations are now publishers. 

how we do what we do

Our process works like this:

  • Diagnostic – We meet in person with your key management and stake holders to clearly understand the challenges, opportunities, goals and objectives. We take into account existing staffing and resources in order to deliver realistic solutions. And every brand, business and thought leader has a distinct “voice” and in the diagnostic phase our team helps to identify that “voice” so that all strategies are consistent with a brands’ authentic personality.
  • Strategy – We design a customized strategic and tactical plan for organizations and scenarios incorporating best practices, techniques and tools.
  • Implementation – We execute on the strategic plan in phases, and in some cases train your existing staff through customized guides, in-person interactive training workshops, virtual and video training as well as one-on-one and team coaching, depending on the unique objectives of each client.
  • Support – Success means a team process. We organize support within your company so the strategic plan can be effectively executed.
  • Sustainment – We monitor progress and show you and your team how to maintain the strategic plan to ensure your objectives are continuously met.


Certifications: MBE, WMBE (CPUC Clearinghouse)