To market your business, attract new customers, and elevate your brand as an influential thought leader you need these essential elements: consistent authentic messaging adapted to a variety of mediums.

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Michele Ruiz / Ruiz Strategies

Michele Ruiz / Chief Strategist

Michele Ruiz is the Chief Strategist at Ruiz Strategies, a business strategic consulting firm specializing in helping world class companies, professional services firms, government entities and C-level executives communicate transformative messaging to connect with customers in relevant ways, grow their businesses to achieve broader market penetration, and to elevate their brands as recognizable thought leaders. Michele and her consultancy team bring years of experience successfully delivering solutions centered around new media, traditional media, social media and virtual technology. For more on the firm’s specialties visit our services page.


Ruiz Strategies was born after Michele Ruiz launched her personal branded company “Michele Ruiz, My Life as a Latina Entrepreneur”. Soon thereafter, Fortune 500 companies started asking for her help to grow their businesses leveraging social media, content marketing strategies, and virtual technologies. C-level executives asked her for strategies and coaching to position them as thought leaders for news organizations and to achieve career goals. Government entities wanted her help in telling their story, educating their target market and attracting clients. A  light bulb went off in Michele’s entrepreneurial brain – a new business opportunity!

Michele is a bi-lingual serial entrepreneur blessed with the gift of being a great communicator. She is also a public speaker, blogger and brand ambassador. In her previous career, Michele was a former Emmy award-winning news broadcaster. For more on Michele, visit www.MicheleRuiz.com

Certifications: MBE, WMBE (CPUC Clearinghouse)